Groomsmen Concierge and Wedding Services

The groom and his groomsmen become our center of attention when you hire Fontaine Concierge. Our goal is to transform what has been traditionally been an underwhelming wedding prep experience in to one that is elevated and as accommodating as the brides. We connect with grooms and curate the pre-wedding experience they deserve and capture the intimate bonding moments in the process.

The following packages are our day of majordomo and weekend service offerings


Half Day Majordomo

The Goodfellas Half Day Majordomo Service is for the groom who wants some pampering and primping before making their way to the venue. Our onsite Concierge Advisor supports the grooms party as they prepare for the ceremony.
Services include but not limited to:

Coordinate with planner and venue
Outline groomsmen itinerary
Facilitate transportation to venue
Partner with photographer to plan shots
Layout and prep room for groomsmen
Curate and stage room for photography
Deliver gift to bride from groom
Assist with dressing and styling grooms part
Onsite steaming
Tie bowties and pin boutonnières
Set up and arrange all personal items
Prevent and manage issues that may arise

Rat Pack Robusto

Full Day Majordomo

The Rat Pack Robusto is for the groom who needs an on call personal factotum. The Concierge Advisor shadows the groom as he starts his day and supports his needs through his grand entrance at the reception.
This service offers the features from the Goodfellas package and the following:

Coordinate attire pick-up and drop-off
Provide cigars with commemorative label
Signature top shelf spirits tasting

Tangiers Estate

Wedding Weekend

Our Tangiers Estate Wedding Weekend package is a full service experience for grooms who want the red carpet rolled out for themselves and their groomsmen. Concierge Advisors serve as majordomo to grooms as they prepare for the rehearsal dinner through the reception.
This service combines the features of the Goodfellas and Rat Pack Robusto along with:

Style groom party for rehearsal dinner
Concierge Barber & Grooming
Coordinate groomsmen event after dinner
Groomsmen gift selection**

**Gift cost not include in package.

Additional Services

At Fontaine Concierge our grooms are encouraged to be inspired by the intentional planning, pampering, celebratory experience traditionally reserved for brides and adopt those sentiments for themselves and their groomsmen. Our mission is to elevate the grooms experience by catering to his needs and reminding him that #ItsHisDayToo. So live a little and let us handle the details.
Additional services include but not limited to:

Spa Facials and Manicures
Bachelor event/social outing
Groomsmen gift selection
Groomsmen Invitations
Group Cooking Class
Group Massage Instruction
Attend Sporting Event
Vow/Speach Writing
Attend a Concert
Solo/Group Choreography
Wedding Reception Man Cave
Domestic Bachelor Weekend
International Bachelor Weekend
Signature Poker Set
Bachelor Photo Shoot
Etiquette Training

*Fontaine Concierge does not provide or book any live entertainment.