Use Your Imagination


When designing bespoke garments with our clients we have to ask them to use their imagination. Sometimes it is hard to imagine a finished suit or tuxedo just by looking at a 4x6 inch swatch. To get your creative juices flowing we have partnered with Nissy Marie Designs to bring our concepts to life with some illustrations highlighting some of our favorite cloth.

This cloth from our private collection is ideal for formal galas and black tie events. It is a rich emerald green diamond weave textured silk wool blend fabric. This fabric can be styled as a two piece tuxedo with a grosgrain satin treatments on a shawl lapel, boat welt bochetta breast pocket, paint waistband, and soldier stripe.

This garment is versatile and be worn as a full tux or be split and wear the jacket alone as a dinner jacket. The pants will also play well with black shirt for more casual occasions.

Fabric Code 816053 (60% Silk, 40% Wool)

Fabric Code 816053 (60% Silk, 40% Wool)

Fabric Code 816053 (60% Silk, 40% Wool)