The Origin Story


Fontaine Concierge was birthed from a need recognized while working as a client advisor at a men’s tailored clothing boutique. Often clients would come in and ask me to tie their bowties on their special day. Sometimes they would come in with less than an hour before they needed to be at the altar. This was happening so often that I began to question who was helping the grooms party prepare for this major life event. I know the bridal party has a whole glam squad helping them prepare. Hair stylist, makeup artist and runners to assist with all their needs, and the grooms party are left to fend for themselves in a forgotten hotel suite.

I then began to offer my groomsmen concierge services to groom clients who purchased a suit or tuxedo with me. To help development the service I began offering it to my friends even without the purchase of a garment. Once I realized that this service was appreciated by the groom, groomsmen, brides and wedding planners I began to offer the service on its own.

I want to thank Kim and Jamal Samah for allowing me to be apart of their special day, and my first wedding as Fontaine Concierge. I was able to help a long time friend prepare to walk down the aisle. As Fontaine Concierge enters our fifth wedding season we want to share some moments from our first client.

Fontaine Concierge is a service I never though I would need until I needed it. We planned our own wedding for 10 months, As a busy working bride, I found the hardest part of the wedding planning process to be to be organizing the bridal party and guests. Our bridal party was rather large totaling 18 people. Thats when the services of Fontaine Concierge came to the rescue. Cameron was professional and reassuring through out the process. He stepped in to contact, organize, and coordinate the groomsmen. The result was 9 punctual, well dressed and sober gentlemen. Dealing with bridesmaids, mothers, sisters, and mother-in-laws is enough to drive a bride crazy. So I am grateful we decided to let Fontaine Concierge step in and provide their services, which contributed to making the most perfect day of our lives even more perfect
— Kim+Jamal, Mount Laurel

Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination

When designing bespoke garments with our clients we have to ask them to use their imagination. Sometimes it is hard to imagine a finished suit or tuxedo just by looking at a 4x6 inch swatch. To get your creative juices flowing we have partnered with Nissy Marie Designs to bring our concepts to life with some illustrations highlighting some of our favorite cloth.

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