The dedicated groomsmen coordinator concept began to develop as founder Cameron Fontaine decided to elevate the experience of his groom clients. While working as the Made-To-Measure specialist for a luxury menswear retailer clients would come in regularly to have bowties made within an hour of their wedding. While attending to these sometimes frantic gentlemen, Cameron thought how the bride would never have to leave her room for anything on her wedding day, so why should the groom have to. After identifying this void in the wedding service industry he began to offer what is now referred to as day of “Groomsmen Concierge” coordination services complimentary to clients who shopped with him or retained styling services. These services included pressing shirts, primping groomsmen, staging photography, pinning boutonnières, and of course tying bowties.

Cameron started his own bespoke clothing practice in 2015 and merged it with the groomsmen wedding services to form Fontaine Concierge. Fontaine Concierge now offers groomsmen services along with premium custom suiting, shirting and accessories. We partner with celebrated master tailors and premiere fabric mills to produce garments for our clients, while curating lifestyle experiences that compliment their envisioned design.

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Cameron G. Fontaine
Owner & Factotum

Mfon Edet
Client Engagement Coordinator


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